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May 22, 2009


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Durham makes another "top cities" list -- but don't look for this to get, er, run up the "flagpole":



Dependable indeed.

Reyn Bowman

And that one is sure to go in which is the source all Durham messengers use to pull these. And it will definitely bump another accolade off the flyer

Just another reason to believe Durham is Where Great Things Happen:)

Tar Heelz

Congratulations to the upright citizens of Durham!


There's an entry at from September 2006 where we were ranked by Trojan:

"Duke University, 8th-most sexually healthy campus among 100 universities and colleges nationwide."

Michael Bacon

Kevin, you're treading on Barry's territory here.


@Michael: rotflmbo!

Keep Durham Different!

Methinks the methodology is somewhat suspect. Consider that Duke Hospital Raleigh just closed its urology practice, transferring all patients to DUMC North. One of the reasons was lack of business, along with a shortage of office space at the Wake Forest Rd. location.

ED scrips are also increasingly being written by GPs rather than urologists.


Lordy, with chickens finally resolved you just had to find another punny subject to crow about!


Indeed, Bullicious, the chickens have gone to bed and only the cocks are left.


so glad i moved from the triangle...

Buy Accutane

I love the new look Typepad Hacks - its extremely professional and slick.Great stuff.


This is just bizarre! "Stiff" competition?? LOL!

I've got an idea for Reyn. Load this article and headline on the website with a big photo of our new and quite "hung" bronze bull. They always say a picture speaks a thousand words.



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