Fayetteville/751 project map change goes back to public hearings after crucial 3-2 BOCC vote
"Main Street" actor Orlando Bloom seen in character in... Durham P.D. uniform?!?

BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for April 14, 2009

The big story of the day was of course the vote on the Fayetteville/751 critical watershed boundary, a matter covered in the H-S and at the N&O's blog, as well as here at BCR. (No liveblogging last night; couldn't get the wi-fi to work.)

In other news:

  • The move of the District 3 D.P.D. substation to Shannon Rd. from the Lakewood shopping center takes place April 22; City staff note the new location is in the virtual center of the expanding South Durham district, and reiterated the problems with the landlord and facility at the existing site that helped drive the move. (H-S)
  • In his announcement that he'll seek a fifth term as Raleigh's mayor, Charles Meeker mentioned that establishing a regional transit system remains a top priority for him -- and emphasized the word "regional," noting that he felt in only made sense to move forward if Durham, Orange and Wake were all behind the effort. (N&O)
  • SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts visits NC Central to help judge their moot court exercise. Media aren't allowed and students, professors and alums had to duke it out in a lottery to get tickets to the event. Roberts' travel costs are being paid through Central by the John Willams Pope Foundation of Raleigh (yeah, those Popes.) It's only the second time a Supreme Court justice has visited Central; the first was Potter Stewart back in '80. (N&O)
  • Duke's campus sustainability coordinator will show off the university's green plan on Thu. from 5:30-7:00 at the Nasher Museum of Art, to share with the broader Durham community the efforts underway by the campus (and the city) towards greater sustainability. (H-S)
  • Both victims of the weekend's double homicide at the Beech Lake apartments have been identified, with the H-S noting one has a long criminal record -- adding fuel to the police's utterances that this sad event was not an act of random violence. (H-S)
  • Donors have given enough to allow a woman who fell into a multi-year battle with the homeowner's association at Treyburn to catch up on some of the fees she owes and stay in the house, which the HOA foreclosed on last year. Her attorney notes that she will receive title to her house again once she pays the rest of the legal fees, which are forthcoming. (H-S)
  • And since we're getting excited email about this: Sources say that WIlliam and Mary just won't do here in the town Duke built, and that June 9 will be anything but the date a Black Friday comes. Yes, Rikki, don't lose that number -- the duo of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker are bringing their tracks of whack to the DPAC when Steely Dan comes to town. (H-S)


John A

All right all ready, Uncle... UNCLE! For a guy who says he doesn't like them, you sure got your Steely info DOWN! (11 Tracks of Whack?)

Yes, I will be the first one in line for tix.

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