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March 17, 2009


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This is great to hear! More and more should consider somthing like this to bring neighborhoods together! not only that, bring an area of a neighborhood that looks abandoned and bring it back to life through an urban garden sounds great! In my search for a downtown Durham bungalow, I recently found out about the BANA garden...Another one right near there...

John Schelp

Fantastic news!


yay! what a creative new way to help a neighborhood and the environment.

 Jeff E

Natural Environmental Ecological Management (NEEM) is the Non Profit and the web site for information on NEEM is
Information in support of the project, NEEMS partners and a "greener" Durham can be found there.

marketing list

Urban gardens can be adventurous affairs, not unlike archeological digs in terms of how they turn up trash and pieces of the past just beneath the surface of the soil.

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