BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for February 16, 2009
Hens on Council agenda -- will the gorilla be?

DDI web site/billboards conspiracy? Nah, file under "Illuminati" and "fluoridated water"

Ddi_columbo So we try here at BCR to dig out the stuff you won't see anywhere, the really interesting kind of stories that the dailies don't have time to run down.

Some days we're all gumshoe; some days, we just get gum on our shoes (and it's a devil to get off.)

In that vein, imagine the intrigue when we noticed last week, apropos of nothing, what the Downtown Durham, Inc. web site looks like. We hadn't been to it in some time. And what should we notice?


Your eyes do not deceive -- that's DDI's web site, framed up as -- of all things -- a billboard overlooking downtown Durham.

Coincidence -- or subtle marketing for the proposed changes allowing billboards in the Bull City?

DDI's marketing guru Matthew Coppedge put our mind at ease:

"This design was actually up long before Fairway was a partner with DDI and before we knew anything about the discussion with the billboards. We worked with Neural 9 Studios (located in downtown) on this beginning in August of 2007 with the concept coming from them at that time.  We received our first prototype of the site on 9/28/2007 and thought it was a very cool design, allowing for the full downtown skyline view and the changing nighttime scene (check the site after sundown).  Anyway, we launched the site in early 2008 after final design completion in November of 2007."

So there you have it, folks.

But take our word for it: that fluoride in the water is all a big conspiracy by the Rockefellers. I think I read that on a billboard or something.


Shady Durham

That is shady!


"Illuminati"?! -- DOUBLE snerck.

(Please tell me that was an intentional pun with the "lighted" billboard theme.)

Matt Saldana, Indy Staff Writer


Thanks for the gumshoe report. We've taken a few more chomps, and blogged our take here:


PS I will be updating soon with a response from Bill Kalkhof.

S. Gwaltney

They also just put an add on the billboard off 147 around exit 12

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