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AT&T's U-Verse available in Durham -- sort of

To those who've been waiting for more options for high-speed Internet and television service in the Bull City, who've (like me) sat eager to hear more about FiOS rumors, and other reports pointing to 21st century communication technologies in Durham -- your day has arrived.

Well, maybe.

The N&O heralds the arrival of U-Verse fiber optic service in the Triangle, and notes that the new, new AT&T will start offering the service in Raleigh, Cary, and Garner as well as Durham and Chapel Hill. The inclusion of Durham comes as a wee bit of a surprise, given that the telco doesn't have a tremendous presence in Durham County's old GTE territory.

The catch, naturally, is that the service is only available in select neighborhoods, and AT&T isn't exactly putting out a big map of coverage areas, the N&O says, out of a fear that Time Warner will try to undercut the new competition by offering U-Verse-ready homes big discounts if they lock into a long-term service contract.

You can search AT&T's web site to see if your address is covered. Chez BCR on Duke St. isn't; we checked the addresses of Durham's City Council and BOCC members, and none of theirs are, either. (So sorry, Councilman Brown; no HGTV-HD for you, unless you're stuck with TWC.)

Uverse Or, look for boxes like this one at right to be appearing on your telephone pole, or their supersized ground-level versions to pop up in somebody's shrubbery. (Heck, there's a blog for everything -- even those who hate these boxes.)

If yours is, post your subdivision or neighborhood name in the comments field.



nope, not available at our place in Lakewood.


Oh great, now we have to worry that ATT is going to drop "Godzilla boxes" in our neighborhoods! All so we can see more TV...

Stacy Evans

So what's the latest news on uverse in Durham? I hate TWC cable with a passion and am so looking forward to uverse.


I cant wait, TWC has kept our upload speeds the same for over 10 years now. Its terrible. I think you will see a drastic change in service once this is fully operational.


I've been hoping for FIOS for years. It doesn't look like Frontier will ever provide it either. My friends in DC and NY love it.


Any updates on this at all, I got excited with the new ATT store at Southpoint, but it just seems they won't cross the county lines.


would like fibre too. Was disappointed when FIOS fizzled. Our city council dosen't seem interested in ensuring a competitive network infrastructure in Durham.


John Martin

Almost seven years later and it's still. . .sort of. There's a story in the Herald-Sun today (July 21, 2015) that ATT U-Verse is available in Durham.

But when I enter my address on E. Trinity in Old North Durham, it says it's not available. Is this Ground Hog Day, or what?

Does anyone know what's actually going on?

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