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November 07, 2008



Anthropologie's first store in *NC* outside of Charlotte. But happy happy joy joy! for Anthropologie. We've been to the one in St. Louis and it is a lot of fun to shop there.

darkest before the sunrise

Anthropologie??? Oh. My. Goodness.


Good luck at hh gregg. Make sure you know what you want when you get there and bring a baseball bat with you, so you can beat the sales people back when they accost you every 30 secomds.

When I went to just look around the store at Brier Creek a few weeks after it opened, I was so fed up after the 6th person asked if they could help me, I asked them if they could provide me a flag to carry that says I am just looking and to leave me alone. ;-)


"...taking over the space formerly housing The Sharper Image and Metropolitan Deluxe (and, before that, the Eddie Bauer home store.)"

I believe the Eddie Bauer Home store opened with the Mall, regardless, its place was taken over by Sharper Image. Metropolitan Deluxe was next door, and predates the Eddie Bauer closing.

There's currently an art gallery in the MDeluxe space/ I wouldn't be surprised to see the SP management kick them out for a higher-paying tenant like they did to make way for Cheesecake Factory), though.

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