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November 21, 2008


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Michael Bacon

This looks fantastic. Here's hoping...


I'm wondering why the city couldn't find anyone for the Community Building position within their ranks. I can think of a few folks that would've been nice for that position. I guess they weren't considered to be of significant stature to elevate to a deputy city manager position, though.


This is an excellent move by the City Manager. I see this position as being a Chief Development Officer for the City. As was stated before, this role could be an expanded version of the "neighborhood advocate" that some organizations have pushed for.

This position has the potential to be very visible in Durham and the region so you would need someone with right blend of community and economic development knowledge as well as planning dexterity. They would need to have a clear vision of where Durham wants and needs to be within the next 10 - 20 years.

I think I just wrote a job description. LOL

I just hope this position doesn't become another administrator who is a conduit to the City Manager's office. In other words, they should provide strategic direction while the Directors execute and manage the plan.


I'm most excited about giving Transit more autonomy. DATA has been buried in the hierarchy for far too long - this move will hopefully give it more visibility within the City's structure. It's no accident that Chapel Hill Transit is a department unto itself rather than having to go through Public Works.

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