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April 15, 2008



I got to go there with (our mutual friend) Jeff yesterday and tour the units he was considering - very nifty! I'm jealous.

Jeff Abbott

(This is said mutual friend/coworker.)

Thanks a bunch for sharing these! The one I finally settled on was unit 301, but for the most part they're all fantastic. One of the hard parts of choosing an apartment in the building is that due to the way they've incorporated the building's existing structure and characteristics -- something that I consider to be of utmost importance when renovating an historical site -- each apartment has its own subtle differences.

It's not like most apartment complexes, where you go in, they show you the three to five floor plans they have available, and you select largely based on size and bedrooms. With the Old Bull apartments, you have to see in each unit whose attributes appeal to you -- i.e. the number of bedrooms and bathrooms -- to see what it looks like, what existing features they've managed to keep, etc. It makes for a very trying selection process, but I think it's worth it.

I also hope to be putting up a blog about the process, as well as what living there is like. I'll keep you posted!



In the courtyard photo, those two windows on the ground floor to the left of the open door are my future small office space. I signed in September and it's been a long wait, but I'm really looking forward to this. It's a great project and is sure to have a pleasant blend between residential, small office, commercial space and restaurants. Thanks for the coverage. The apartments really look neat!


The inside courtyard makes it seem like an execution is about to take place.


The structure in the inside courtyard looks like a giant table sculpture by Claes Oldenburg.


So has renovations been completed on old bull building? 4 th and 5th floor and commercial space? What is is like living there?

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