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Google "Street View" arrives in Durham; start stalking!

Last summer, we talked here about catching the Google Street View team canvassing Durham to collect imagery for their sometimes-helpful, sometimes-creepy new mapping feature. Street View allows you to zoom in beyond the typical overhead satellite view to actually see the fronts of houses, businesses, and so forth in an area.

Well, the feature went live for Durham in the last few days, as a blog reader helpfully noted. When you search now for a Durham location (or anywhere in the Triangle) on Google, you have a helpful "Street View" button that lets you see exactly what the front side of a building looks like... well, as of summer 2007, it appears.

Helpful? Sure. Kind of creepy? You bet. The Triangle joins Orlando and Miami as the first southeastern cities so featured by the Googleplex. (Frustratingly, Durham is lumped in under "Raleigh, NC" -- something I'd imagine the Durham CVB may bring up with them.)

Here's a look at the North Deck of the ATC, a worker immortalized for all time on a break:


Ah, the downtown streetscape work. Such fond memories. Glad to have those back. (Oh, wait.)


Bonus feature: Drive the wrong way down one-way streets! (The Google cars have cameras capturing video on all sides for that special 360-degree perspective.)


Hey, motorcycles parked outside of Charlie's on Ninth Street. Now you don't see that everyday.


Best kept Northgate Mall secret: Walk your dog in the palatial access road between the mall and I-85! Caution: Police substation located a few hundred feet away means, bring yer pooper-scooper.


No crowds at the jail means just one thing: Though these images were taken in summer 2007, clearly they weren't taken on Mike Nifong Incarceration Day.


What I can't figure out here is, where the heck were all the shoppers at Southpoint when they took this? Was the mall being used for a Dawn of the Dead remake? In which case, where the heck are the zombies?


There's got to be other interesting photos folks will find of Derm via our friends at Google. If you do, list 'em in the comments and I'll try to collect them here for the blog.



Well, it isn't of general interest, but the photos of my house were taken on a Friday around midday (emptied trash can at the curb, but my car isn't home yet.)

I guess I'm glad you can't read the license plate on my wife's car...


Check out some of these Google Street View gems:



Dang! I was right beside one of their camera cars when they passed by my house, but you can't see me at all. In one image, you can see my car, but in the next - car is gone. Oh well. I was flipping-off the Googleographer anyway, maybe they edited that part out.

David McMullen

Well, they weren't kidding when they said "Address is approximate" - the picture of my driveway shows up under a non-existent address, while Google says my real address is here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v83/maktai/notmyhouse.jpg

Dave W.

I briefly met two Duke students a couple months ago who were doing an in-depth google earth project centered around durham.

"Off the grid in Durham, NC....Mapping an alternative Durham in Google Earth."


from Lisa... "Most of the writing on the blog is theoretical, but we also have the KMZ file that contains the actual mapping we did in Google
Earth as well as links to the photos that are awaiting approval by the Google Earth Community. If approved, they will appear on Google Earth's main visual


I guess your last caption was a little tongue in cheek, but from the shadows it looks like it was just really early in the morning when they hit Southpoint. Although Google street views of the zombie apocalypse would be awesome.

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