Scientific Properties closes on Heritage Square
"Angélica's Dreams" screening Sunday at 4 p.m. at Carolina Theatre

BCR at ConvergeSouth today

No Derm-focused posts today; I'm off to Greensboro at ConvergeSouth, a regional blogging convention taking place at NC A&T today and Saturday.

Don't miss the H-S' big piece on Greenfire Development, which touches on all aspects but one of Greenfire's downtown property acquisitions. (Namely, the ability these acquisitions give Greenfire to be a major negotiator with the public sector and to influence the nature of future downtown revitalization.)

Also in the news: Durham Co. Sheriff Worth Hill endorses Bill Bell for mayor. Does this give any impact to Stith's I-can-fight-crime-better campaign? More on this tomorrow.

And given the subject of today's conference in GSO, be sure to take a look at Hal Crowther's "Stop the Presses" piece in this week's Independent. Crowther takes a nostalgic and hard line on the demise of local newspapers and how new media are ill-prepared to meet the challenges. Short answer: I think Crowther is right in the near term, but fails to account for how the ad revenue streams that newspapers collect today could, even at reduced levels, continue to fund traditional journalism mixed with community-sourced reporting. But as with Sheriff Hill, that's something for more discussion later.



"Any crime you can fight, I can fight better. I can fight any crime better than you!" - Thomas Stith

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