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Blu: Run, don't walk, to try it

I'll be the first to admit I'm no gourmand, and that I'm not the most qualified blogger in Derm to do restaurant reviews. (That award goes to two excellent blogs, Eat at Joe's and Durham Foodie, where you can get both the latest on local eateries and interesting adventures in DIY dining.)

But I'd be remiss if I didn't say a few words about Blu. The wife and I were searching around for something different for dinner, and though she's not a seafood fan, we thought we'd give Blu a try. Blu's the new restaurant that's opened where Grasshopper used to be at Hillsborough/Markham & Ninth, next to Vin Rouge, and helmed by a former Key West top chef, Tim Lyons.

I'd heard some rave reviews of Blu from a couple of friends, and their description was right on key. My salmon, bourbon-glazed in maple mustard butter, was both the best-prepared seafood I've had in years and the most flavorful. My wife (land-lubber that she is) went the chicken route (it's that or steak there) and was most impressed with the complexity and subtlety of the taste.

The service was also quite good and attentive; Blu feels cozy and casual, very comfortable throughout. We remarked to each other how surprised we were -- not just to find mutual dining pleasure in a seafood restaurant, but to have had one of our most favorite meals anywhere in the Triangle in quite a long time.

If you haven't given Blu a try yet, by all means, please do. It's well worth the trip.



Good to hear the positive comments. How is it priced?


Toastie and I posted some comments on this new resto on Kevin's previous post. Prices were reasonable. We spent a little over $100 but we splurged on cocktails, appetizers, entrees and a bottle of wine. I was stuffed!

Sean Wilson

Lunch is very lunchy priced, if you know what I mean. I enjoyed it but want to come back for dinner, where I get the sense the menu is a bit more adventurous.


My friend and I skipped appetizers, cocktails, and desserts (went to Francesca's for the the latter), so the final bill for two entrees and two glasses of wine was about $50. I had the pan-seared trout, and my friend had the bourbon-glazed salmon, both of which were fantastic.


this is good know. i'll have to try it sometime.


Kevin -- thanks for your review, which helped pop me over to go see.

My own notes here at the Archer Pelican: http://tinyurl.com/2k8jwl

We really need more seafood restaurants around here, and I'm glad that Blu is showing up and stepping up.

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